Planning a Vegas Bachelor Party

Booking the trip:
Once your trip is booked through VEGASBP, give a call to the hotel and ask for a host. Explain that you will be coming with 10 guys and you aren’t sure how big of gamblers they are, but that you will all play all weekend. Tell her that you would like to be rated and get her name. When you get to the casino, go straight to the place where you get your rating cards and everyone should get one. At the end of the trip you will give your rating card to the VIP desk and ask how much they will comp on the trip. Usually, if you play a little you can get something compt. At one bachelor party at The Hard Rock, LVBP guys got their rooms, meals, massages (at the Spa) and cabanas comped, which was worth about $1200 each. Not bad. Of course there was some significant $100/hand blackjack happening.

Rule #2: Speak to the front desk manager or the reservations manager and request rooms next to each other with lock offs or at least on the same floor. Being spread out around the hotel is a recipe for disaster. It’s a real pain in the ass to get everyone together from different parts of the hotel and you’ll end up being late for dinner, clubs Rhino Runs (you’ll see about that later) etc. Remember, the key is to be with the bachelor and keep the party moving. Being separated around the hotel only complicates everything.

The Party- the trick is that there is no actual party. Being in vegas with the boyz is all you need. Don’t waste your time in the room with overpriced entertainers. Let SMOKEY plan a night out the VEGASBP way. That’s all you need...

The pool.
This is going to be one of the key things you do. It costs some $$ but it is the best spent $$ you can let fly. GET A CABANA. If you have over 6 guys, get 2 next to each other.

  • Reason 1: This will be the meeting place throughout the weekend. Guys will be gambling, sleeping late (if they are pussies), going to they gym, spa etc...and you can always come back to the cabana. You will be recovering from the night, and laying out by the pool without a cabana in Vegas is rough. Especially with a hangover. The cabanas have a spray hooked up to the roof so you have constant cool water misting. They have a fridge so you can keep a supply of water, booze, food etc on hand, a tv so you can watch reruns of SportCenter all day or whatever games are on, and a table to play some cards, eat, whatever...and of course, lounge chairs that are YOURS.
  • Reason2: Chicks Dig It
    Undoubtedly, there will be single guys in your BP. For them the weekend is not complete unless they can chat up Vegas hottie in from LA or if you get really good at The Game, a plethora of bachelorette party girls. Being able to say to them at the casino, club etc, “Meet us by the pool tomorrow. We have a couple of cabañas”. Is priceless...It’s the best pickup line in Vegas.
  • Reason 3: This is a BP...a Vegas BP. You are responsible for giving the bachelor a great weekend. You wont get a high roller suite, you wont get a compted jet to fly you out there, you wont be ringside a the Roy Jones Jr. fight next to Puffy and Pam Anderson...but you can get a slice of The Life by having a cabana. They are primarily for high rollers but if you work on it far enough in advance, speaking a few times to the head cabana guy on the phone before you go and throwing him a nice tip when you get there, you should be sitting center or close to it in cabana heaven. And boyz, I’m not talking $20...I’m talking a hundge per day to the guy who takes care of you. And don’t forget to mention to him to see if he can get the bachelorette parties seated in the cabanas next to you. Got it? Good.

The Flight:
Be aware of the time zone change. The best way to maximize the Vegas weekend is to get there before noon. This will give you time to chill in the sun for a couple of hours, have some lunch and a couple of drinks and catch a little color before the 1st night out. For flights out of NYC, it’s a good idea to hit the 7:30 am flight from LGA or EWR. This gets you into Vegas by 10:30am. You wont be able to check into the hotel at that time (check in time is usually 4pm) however, you can get your bathing suit out and have the bellboys store your bags until the room is ready. Throw them $10 each. Then go to the front desk to check in. Sometimes you can get a room right away, sometimes you cant. If you cant, go back to the bellhop and quietly ask him "After we all go to the pool, do you think you could talk to the girl at the desk to get us checked in a little early?" AND CALL HIM BY HIS NAME! Don’t forget, the bellhops will be a valuable part of your weekend. Don’t be afraid to throw them some cash and strike up a 30 second conversation. These guys can get you anything you want in Vegas...ANYTHING.

Booking the flight:
Since we at made it easy as hell to get everyone together in a chat room and book the flight, once it’s booked, call the airline and explain that you have ten, twelve, thirteen (whatever) guys traveling together and see if you can get seats near each other. And guys, if you start drinking on the plane, you’ll be the drunk idiots that we all don’t want to be. Save it for Vegas. You still have a little negotiating to do when you get there, and slurring you words to the cabana guy or host makes you look like a fool and you probably wont get what you want. More important than that it sucks being drunk on a plane when there is turbulence.

Getting to the hotel:
If you want to arrive in style and start the deal off right, order a limo ahead of time from one of our hand picked limo companies. The rates are reasonable and you should pull into the hotel with a little flash. If you don’t want a limo, just grab a SKY CAPTION at the baggage claim, tip him $20, and he’ll get you the cab...(avoid the 2 hour taxi line).